Graduate Student Spotlight

Grace Ann Hanvey, MS

Grace A Hanvey
Department: Department of Clinical and Health Psychology

Grace A Hanvey

Intern (OPS)
Phone: (352) 265-0294


Grace Ann is a doctoral student in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, with an emphasis in Clinical Health Psychology. Their research objectives are directed at mitigating health disparities in chronic illness that disproportionately impact marginalized groups, including racial and/or ethnic minorities, members of the sexual and gender minority community, and individuals of low socioeconomic status. Specifically, Grace Ann’s research interests target these disparities within oncological populations – from inequities observed in cancer clinical trial recruitment and retention to differential psychoneuroimmunological outcomes – working under the mentorship of Dr. Deidre Pereira within her Psycho-Oncology Program. In addition to their scientific pursuits, Grace Ann’s clinical focus consists in both psycho-oncological services and providing mental health services for folks emerging from disadvantaged backgrounds. As such, Grace Ann has served as a coordinator, and subsequently a co-director and therapist, of the Equal Access Behavioral Health Clinic Free Therapy Night service for more than 4 years in addition to her therapeutic training at UF Shands. Overall, Grace Ann’s overarching research and clinical objectives seek to navigate the intersection between health care and social justice, and to increase health equity among underrepresented and underserved populations.


Hanvey, G.A., Padron, A., Kacel, E.L., Ulfig, C., & Pereira, D.B. Accrual and retention trends among diverse patients in a supportive cancer trial. Poster presentation at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2019 Supportive Care in Oncology Symposium, San Francisco, CA, October 25, 2019.

Hanvey, G.A., Williams, J.L., Tucker, C.M., & Brown, A. (2017) Diverse Patients’ Perspectives on Mind-Body Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Qualitative Study. Presented at the People’s Scientific Conference to Promote Minority Health through Community-Based Participatory Research: Community Health Workers Lead the Way, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Professional Memberships

Health Equity, Anti-Racism, and Discrimination (HEARD) Task Force (2020 – present)

Education and Advocacy Committee (2018 – present)

Multidisciplinary Academic-Community Obesity Disparities Research Partnership (2016 – present)

Honors and Awards

Jenny Sivinski Memorial Award for Excellence in Community Service (2019)

Graduate School Funding Award (2018 – present)